Traffic lights don’t work in Kathmandu

Most of the traffic lights installed about 10 years ago in 10 different locations in Kathmandu don’t work these days. The problem has caused major headache in traffic management and it has also increased the possibility of accidents in the busy intersections.

Roles and responsibilities of government bodies:

  • Traffic management – Traffic Police
  • Vehicle registration – Department of Transport Management
  • Road construction / Traffic sign, light installation  – Department of Roads


The traffic lights that were installed in 2058 and don’t work properly these days include the ones at the intersection of

  • Naya Baneshowr
  • Maiti Ghar
  • Thapathali
  • Kalimati
  • Singha Durbar
  • Padmodaya Mod
  • Putali Sadak
  • Narayanhiti West Gate
  • Kesharmahal
  • Gaushala

The only reliable traffic lamps in the valley are the ones installed last year during the construction of Koteshowr-Bhaktpur road. The lights that work well include along the road include:

  • Sallaghari Chowk
  • Naya Thimi
  • Gatthaghar
  • Jadibuti
  • Koteshowr
  • Tinkune

Although these lights work now, if they are not properly maintained, they will also face the fate of the previous ones. Regular maintenance of traffic lights should be made a priority.

While the traffic lights at the busy interactions are not working and they are not repaired, the traffic police is in a hurry to demand more. The traffic police has demanded traffic lights in 19 more intersection in Kathmandu.

  • Narayan Gopal Chowk
  • Chabahil
  • Purano Baneshowr
  • Maiti Devi
  • Lainchour
  • Juddha Salik
  • Tripureshowr
  • Teku
  • Kalanki
  • Balaju
  • Krishna Pouroti Chowk
  • Inarmod Chowk
  • Shorakhutte
  • Balkhu
  • Jawalakhel
  • Lagankhel
  • Satdobato
  • Gwarko
  • Pulchowk

UPDATE – On the day this post was posted online news site published a news about a death of a 19-year-old motorcycle driver while traffic police tried to stop it for check-up at Sallaghari, Bhaktapur. The witness of the accidents told that, the accident happened while avoiding hitting the traffic police who had stepped in the road to stop it. 

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