Approved Foreign Universities – Nepal Engineering Council’s Gaijatra

It is Gaijatra time in Nepal and at the time of the festival of satires and jokes, Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) has published a list of universities approved to work in Nepal. The list contain 41 universities from USA and 80 universities from Russia and 29 more universities in Russian Federation.

The number of universities approved are 510 universities from 38 countries. India has the most number of approved universities (137 universities) followed by Russia with 80 universities.

If you are a graduate from the world’s top institute according to Time’s University ranking, California Institute of Technology, you can’t work in Nepal unless NEC updates the list to include the institution in the list. In the top 100 universities list, US universities are more than half, way more than 41 approved universities. That means, the list gives a wrong impression that Nepal prefers Russian graduated rather than the graduates from the world’s top universities.

The full list of universities are as follows:

Nepal Approved universities  (1)

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