Podcast 1 – Code of Conduct of Nepal Engineering Council

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The first podcast is about the Code of Conduct of Nepal Engineering Council (NEC). All the related documents of NEC can be downloaded here.

engineering coe of conduct

According to the The Nepal Engineering Council Act, 2055 (1999), Engineering Profession include:

1. Civil Engineering

(a) General
(b) Highway
(c) Sanitary
(d) Building and Architect
(e) Irrigation
(f) Hydrology
(g) Hydro-power
(h) Airport

2. Electrical

(a) General Electrical
(b) Aviation Electrical

3. Electronic and Communication

4. Mechanical

(a) General Mechanical
(b) Aviation Mechanical
(c) Construction Equipment Repair and Maintenance

5. Aeronautical

6. mining

7. Chemical

8. Metallurgical

9. Metrology

10. Meteorology


(a) General
(b) Hydro-geology
(c) Engineering Geology

12. Civil Aviation Operation and Engineering

(a) Civil Aviation Operation
(b) Flight Operation
(c) Aviation Fire Services

13. Survey

14. Chemistry

15. Agri-irrigation Engineering

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