NEA to organize Global Nepalese Engineers’ Meet 2015 in October

Nepal Engineers’ Association in collaboration with the National Planning Commission of the Government of Nepal is organizing a Nepalese Engineers’ meet on October 16 and October 16, 2015 in Kathmandu. The theme of the meet is “Build better Nepal: A Collaborative Approach”.

The registration deadline for the meet is Sepetember 30, 2015. Non-resident Nepali engineers should pay $150 for the participation while Nepali engineers pay Rs. 7,000 for individual participant or 10,000 for institutional participants.

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The announcement is 3-pages-long with little information of importance. It can be summarized as:

  • NEA engineers accessed 50,000 houses for damages after April 25 earthquake.
  • They think this is the time to share the knowledge and information.
  • The event is being held on Dashain/Tihar festival time.
  • NEA had asked National Planning Commission to collaborate in the event.
  • This is just the first announcement.

If you enjoy reading the full text, here is the announcement:

nea announcement global meet 1

nea announcement global meet 2

nea announcement global meet 3

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