List of Engineering Colleges in Nepal

Until Tri-Chandra College was established in 1918, there was no higher education in Nepal. It was in 1959, the first university in Nepal, Tribhuwan University was established. For the next 26 years, until Mahendra Sanskrit University (established in 1985), Tribhuwan University was the only university in Nepal. Now, after monarchy is abolished in Nepal, Mahendra Sanskrit University is renamed Nepal Sanskrit University.

The democratic movement of Nepal opened way for private universities. The first private university in Nepal, Kathmandu University, was registered in 1990. It took 5-6 years more to establish Purbanchal Univeristy (1995) and Pokhara University (1996).

Then, more universities were established as the time passed. Now, there are almost a dozen universities in Nepal. Tribhuwan University is still the largest in Nepal, and tenth largest University in the world in terms of student enrolment. It offers 2,079 undergraduate and 2,000 postgraduate programs in it’s various campuses spread all over the country.

There are 11 universities so far (as of 2019)

  1. Tribhuan University, kirtipur
  2. Kathmandu University, Kathmandu
  3. Pokhara University, Pokhara
  4. Purbanchal University, Biratnagar
  5. Nepal Sanskrit University
  6. Lumbini Bouddha University
  7. Far – Western University, Kanchanpur
  8. Mid – Western University, Birendranagar
  9. Nepalgunj University, Nepalganj
  10. Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, Chitwan
  11. Rajarsi Janak University, Janakpurdham

The engineering colleges in Nepal are:

  1. Kantipur Engineering College
  2. Himalaya College of Engineering
  3. Nepal Engineering College
  4. Kathmandu Engineering College
  5. Lumbini Engineering College
  6. Khwopa Engineering College
  7. Gandaki College of Engineering and Science
  8. Oxford College of Engineering and Management
  9. Pashchimanchal Campus
  10. Pokhara Engineering College
  11. Pulchowk Campus
  12. Eastern College of Engineering – Biratnagar
  13. Purbanchal University School of Engineering and Technology – Biratnagar
  14. Advance College of Engineering and Management
  15. Kathford Engineering College
  16. Aryan School of Engineering
  17. Universal Engineering and Science College
  18. National College of Engineering – Lalitpur

There are more  medical colleges in Nepal than engineering colleges.

  1. National Medical College – Birgunj Parsa
  2. Nobel Medical College and Teaching Hospital-Biratnagar
  3. Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital – Biratnagar
  4. Chitwan Medical College – Bharatpur -Chitwan
  5. College of Medical Science – Chitwan
  6. B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Science
  7. Institute of Medicine
  8. Janaki Medical College
  9. Devdaha Medical College
  10. Rapti Academy of Health Science
  11. Kathmandu Medical College
  12. Kathmandu University Medical College
  13. Manipal College of Medical Science
  14. Nepal Medical College
  15. KIST Medical College and Teaching Hospital
  16. Lumbini Medical College
  17. Nepalgunj Medical College
  18. Peoples Dental Colleges and Hospital
  19. Kantipur Dental College and Teaching Hospital and Research Hospital

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