Design of Steel Structure Lecture notes (pdf, free download)

I came across some free lecture notes for civil engineering students. These are hand-written notes. So, no copy-and-paste facilities.  I went through the notes to see what is inside and saw that it is good enough. I will add more lecture notes on the design of steel structure at the end of this post in coming days.

Design of Steel Structure (pdf)

Hand Written lecture notes on Design of Steel Structure

The design of steel structure lecture note is a hand written scanned copy. The quality of the scanned copy is not that good and because of inconsistent scanning, some of the pages might be harder to read than the others.

Contents of the lecture note

(There is no table of content in the document. So, I skimmed through the note to identify the headings. Please comment if I have missed a section-headers.):

  • Rivetted Connection (Page 4 )
  • Welded connection (Page 37)
  • Design of Tension Member (Page 65)
  • Design of Compression Members (Page 101)
  • Design of Beam (Page 145)
  • Plastic Analysis (Page 170)
  • Industrial buildings (Page 228 to 234)


The lecture notes on the Design of Steel Structures is prepared by three assistant professors of an Indian university.

The lecture notes contains:

  • Introduction
  • Philosophy of design of steel structures
  • Concept of design of steel structures
  • Methods of Design of steel structures
  • Structural Elements
  • Structural Steel Sections
  • Rivetted Connections
  • Welded Connections
  • Design of Tension Members


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