Design of Steel Structure Lecture notes (pdf, free download)

I came across some free lecture notes for civil engineering students. These are hand-written notes. So, no copy-and-paste facilities.  I went through the notes to see what is inside and saw that it is good enough. I will add more lecture notes on the design of steel structure at the end of this post in coming days.

Design of Steel Structure (pdf)

Hand Written lecture notes on Design of Steel Structure

The design of steel structure lecture note is a hand written scanned copy. The quality of the scanned copy is not that good and because of inconsistent scanning, some of the pages might be harder to read than the others.

Contents of the lecture note

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Engineering Colleges in Nepal

At the time when there used to be only one university in Nepal, only one institute,Institute of Engineering (IOE), offered bachelor course in engineering. After other universities were allowed to operate, a number of other private institutes started producing engineers. Now, IOE offers affiliation to a number of other institutes to offer engineering courses under it’s curriculum of Tribhuvan University. Similarly there are a number of other institutes affiliated to other universities as well.

TUEngineering colleges/institutes affiliated to:

Institute of Engineering (IOE), Tribuvan University

      1. Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering (IOE)
      2. Kantipur Engineering College (KEC)
      3. Kathmandu Engineering college
      4. Advance College of Engineering and Management
      5. National College of Engineering
      6. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management
      7. Janakpur Engineering College
      8. Khwopa Engineering College
      9. Lalitpur Engineering College
      10. Sagarmatha Engineering College

More details on the institutes affiliated to IOE can be obtained from IOE website.

pokhara_universityPokhara University

      1. Nepal Engineering College (NEC), Bhaktapur
      2. Cosmos College of Management and Technology, Lalitpur
      3. National Academy of Science & Technology, Kailali
      4. Pokhara Engineering College(PEC), Pokhara
      5. Everest Engineering and Management College, Kathmandu
      6. Gandaki College of Engineering and Science, Pokhara
      7. Oxford College of Engineering and Management, Nawalparasi
      8. Lumbini Engineering, Management and Science College
      9. Nepal College of Information Technology, Lalitpur
      10. United Technical College, Chitwan
      11. Apex College, Baneshwor, Kathmandu

More details on the institutes affiliated to Pokhara University can be obtained from the the university website.

purbanchal_universityPurbanchal University

      1. Kantipur City College
      2. College of Information Technology & Engineering
      3. Khwopa Engineering College
      4. Acme Engineering College
      5. White House Institute of Science and Technology
      6. The Aryan School

The details on the institutes affiliated to Purbanchal University is not available in the university website. So, the list above is unofficial and might not be complete.

kathmandu_universityKathmandu University

      1. KU School of Engineering

Other Engineering Institutes


Apart from the universities mentioned above, Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) offers 36 months diploma courses in various engineering fields. The students seeking entry to these diploma courses only need to pass the 10th standard in school.

A CTEVT diploma holder is usually eligible to pursue a bachelor degree in the related field in the institutes affiliated to universities mentioned above.